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Car Crash

Help! I Was in a Car Crash, What Now?

Without a doubt, the most dangerous and frightening aspect of operating a motor vehicle is a crash. Each year, millions of people suffer personal injuries behind the wheel. If you are unprepared, you may be blamed for the collision or even possibly charged with a crime. Do not be a victim, know how to handle the crash.


Preparation goes a long way

No one plans on a crash, but some minor preparation can be a lifesaver. Keep warning materials (orange cones, emergency flares, etc.) in your trunk at all times and ensure that your hazard light is properly working. Keep a copy of your insurance information, as well as a pen and paper, close by to write down important information. These simple tools will help you handle the consequences of a collision.

Immediately following the crash

After the collision, get yourself and your vehicle to safety. If your automobile is inoperable a, do not try to move your vehicle. Immediately find safety for yourself and your passengers on the side of the street out of traffic and wait for a tow truck. Take some deep breaths, check for any injuries and attempt to keep calm. Staying cool under intense pressure will assist you in gathering vital information.

If you can move your vehicle to a safe position, turn your hazard lights and set up warning materials surrounding the vehicles. Check the safety of other motorists and call emergency services if needed. Additionally, call the police to file a report, assist the investigation and ensure that all evidence is collected properly.

Waiting for officers to arrive

After notifying the proper authorities, collect information and take photos of the scene. Speak to the other driver involved in the crash and take note of their personal information in a journal or notebook. Write down the driver’s name, address, phone number, driver’s’ license number, license plate and insurance information. Take a lot of photographs and document any damage that occurred to your vehicle.

Additionally, speak to witnesses that saw the crash, and take note of their names, their phone numbers, and record their comments about the collision – do not wait for authorities to do this for you. When speaking to witnesses or the other party involved in the crash, do not apologize for anything at the scene. While it is normal for people to apologize to be polite, saying sorry for something that occurred behind the wheel is an admission of legal liability, which can derail your personal injury claim (if you decide to file one).

Establishing a timeline with authorities

To avoid landing yourself in trouble by accidentally admitting fault, refrain from discussing details of the incident with anyone but your attorney and law enforcement officers. Obtain the names and badge numbers of the officers on the scene and explain to them exactly what occurred during the crash. Once police officers have completed their report, get a copy of the document for your records. If officers are unable to respond to the scene, file a report through the DMV.

Final steps following a crash

After collecting a copy of the report from police officers, take one last good look at the scene and ensure that you have taken enough photos. Verify that the other driver’s information provided b is valid and that you can contact them in the near future for further questions. Once you are free to leave the scene.

With the evidence you gathered, you now need super hero lawyers to protect your rights.
What to avoid following a crash

Since car collisions are extremely stressful situations, it is completely normal for your emotions to be running wild. Keep your cool and stay calm. Avoid profanities, hostility, and explicit language.

Following the incident, the other driver’s insurance company may contact you for a statement. While this may appear harmless, insurance companies use sneaky tactics to settle cases for less money than you deserve. Do not make any statements. Let your lawyer do the talking.

No matter the severity of the crash, it is important that you act appropriately and take these helpful tips into consideration. By staying calm, documenting the scene and hiring a qualified personal injury attorney, you have a much better chance at protecting your rights. For more information, contact the Rescue Lawyers today at (702) 888-1800. Let our team of experienced super hero lawyers go to work for you.

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