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Motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Las Vegas

First and foremost, after a motorcycle accident it is important that you receive the medical attention you need to treat your injuries. It is also important to get as much documentation about the accident including police reports and photographs of the scene. Shortly after your accident you will have to deal with your insurance company and the other driver’s insurance company. It is important for you to contact a motorcycle accident attorney before speaking to the other drivers insurance company.

Often, the insurance companies try to minimize your claim or offer you a lesser settlement to close the case. Their goal is to close the case as quickly as possible, not protect you or your rights. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident it is important that you speak with an attorney before speaking with your insurance company. Call the  motorcycle accident attorneys at the Rescue Lawyers as soon as possible!

Was your Motorcycle Accident a result of:

  • Another driver cutting you off or swerving into you
  • Getting rear-ended
  • Poor road conditions
  • Bike manufacturer defect
  • A hit-and-run
  • Another driver running a red light or stop sign
  • Another driver turning into you

“I Didn’t See the Motorcyclist” Is No Excuse

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Las Vegas

Generally speaking, accidents are always caused by some form carelessness or safety violation. Examples include inattentive drivers, distracted drivers such as text messaging, speeding, failing to obey traffic signals, or simply failing to yield the right of way. In some cases, businesses that rent motorcycles to tourists can be held liable as well.

Liability for motorcycle accidents can also arise from less obvious parties. Some examples include construction companies where road design or maintenance of traffic may have contributed to the collision. Auto companies and certain motorcycle manufacturers can also be legally responsible under other legal theories such as a product liability claim, when the accident may have occurred due to an auto manufacturing or design defect.

Do I Need A Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

If hired to represent you, we will conduct a thorough investigation right away to determine the best course of action. At the Rescue Lawyers, we employ experienced investigators and only utilize qualified experts such as in accident reconstruction and other relevant medical fields to help prove our clients cases in the court room.

If you or a loved one were seriously injured in a motorcycle accident in Las Vegas, Henderson, or another part of Nevada then don’t wait. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

Why Choose the Rescue Lawyer for Your Motorcycle Accident Case?

Our legal experience is a benefit to the injury victims and the families we represent. All members of our legal team have worked collectively together for many years. We work hard to uncover the case facts and to ensure our client’s legal interests are adequately protected. Our motorcycle accident attorneys know the questions to ask and how to find the answers too.

If we are unable to negotiate a fair settlement, we also won’t hesitate to bring your case before a jury. When you retain the Rescue Lawyers, you are going to receive legal representation from experienced trial lawyers. Our mission is the same for all our client’s; to present your case in a court of law in a convincing and compelling fashion and to obtain justice.


  • Assisting victims of motorcycle accidents in obtaining maximum settlements
  • Expert attorneys with experience negotiating with evil insurance companies
  • Accomplished lawyers with a full understanding and knowledge of the legal system
  • Effective and efficient communication and representation in court
  • A storied history of successful settlements and fulfilled clients

If you or someone you know has been involved in a motorcycle accident, it’s extremely important that you move quickly and seek expert representation. For the top accident attorney in Las Vegas, trust the Rescue Lawyers to put in the hours and recover the funds you deserve. Give us a call today at (702) 888-1800 to find out how the Rescue Lawyers can save the day and get you paid.

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