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Top Five Reasons Why You Need A Rescue Lawyer

Top Five Reasons Why You Need A Rescue Lawyer

All personal injury claims are different.  Some take a few months to settle.  Others take a few years and trial to resolve.  For those cases that quickly settle, we sometimes get asked why it was necessary to even hire an attorney?  Whether your case takes several months or several years, competent representation is a necessity.  Here are at least five reasons why you need a rescue lawyer on your claim:

A rescue lawyer can guide you from the very beginning

Car wrecks are often startling, new events for many people.  Most do not know who to call or what to do the moment after the wreck.  The first thing everyone must do is seek treatment for any injuries.  After receiving immediate treatment, a rescue lawyer can give you invaluable advice on the next step in pursuing a claim.  We assume control the moment after representation, and you will have comfort knowing your only responsibility going forward is to get healthy.

We handle all communications with the third party insurer

If you are the victim of a car wreck or rear-end collision, and the person responsible reports the claim to his insurance, it is likely that his insurance carrier will attempt communication with you within days or even hours following the wreck.  The insurance company may look to take a recorded statement and ask you questions not to help you, but to devalue your claim.  When you retain a rescue lawyer, we handle those communications the minute you retain our firm.  We make sure the insurance company does not take advantage of you during its initial investigation.

We can guide you on how to fix your vehicle or receive the proper compensation for it

Another major concern for personal injury victims is how they will handle their damaged vehicles.  We all need our vehicles to drive to work or take our children to school.  A wreck can happen at any moment.  When you need a car, we can assist you with getting your car fixed, getting a rental car through your insurance or the third party insurance, or receiving compensation for your vehicle if deemed a total loss.

We can guide you on how to pay for treatment

The golden rule is to use your health insurance at every turn of your treatment.  You will receive maximum compensation when you utilize your health insurance.  Some hospitals or providers will insist on imposing attorney liens on victims who are involved in a wreck.  If you do not have health insurance, then an attorney’s lien is an option.  At Rescue Lawyers, it is a last resort for our clients.  We do not influence treatment or interfere with doctors.  When you retain a rescue lawyer for your Las Vegas personal injury, however, you can rest assured that we will prevent unnecessary liens, keep track of your medical records, and ensure that all expenses are paid when your case settles.  When we settle your claim, you receive settlement money free and clear of any outstanding bills or expenses.

We will maximize your compensation

Insurance adjusters want to reach you before you reach us.  Insurance companies can save money by paying a few medical bills or offering minimal compensation to you in the very beginning before you understand what your claim is worth.  When you are the victim of a wreck and you sustain injuries, you could be entitled to the maximum insurance available on the claim.  A rescue lawyer will make sure you do not get cheated.

The above list barely scratches the surface on why you need a rescue lawyer to handle your personal injury claim.  Our attorneys have the experience to guide you through every step of the process.  The right settlements do not come easy.  We will work tirelessly until you receive that settlement.  If you are a victim, do not assume the process will be easy and the insurance company is here to help.  Unfortunately, they are not.  Give us a call.  We are ready to rescue you.

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